Jeoloji Mühendisleri Odası

74. Geological Congress Of Türkiye

Natural* Disasters

“Know* nature,* Take* precautions,* Live* with* harmony”

April* 11-15,* 2022* MTA* General* Directorate* Cultural* Center* /* Ankara

The* 74th* Geological* Congress* of* Türkiye,* the* most* reputable* and* leading* scientific* organization* in* earth* sciences* of* our* country* since* 1947,* will* be* held* at* the* Cultural* Center* of* the* MTA* General* Directorate* on* April* 11-15,* 2022.

This* year* we* determined* the* main* theme* of* our* Congress* as* “Natural* Disasters”* under* the* influence* of* the* events* in* 2021.* In* order* to* understand* natural* disasters* comprehensively,* discuss* necessary* precautions,* and* live* in* harmony* with* nature,* our* foremost* aim* is* to* convey* the* evaluations* of* geoscientists,* who* can* communicate* with* nature,* to* society* and* administrators.

As* the* Organizing* Committee,* we* invite* all* scientists* to* our* Congress* to* show* how* earth* sciences* practices,* carried* out* under* the* guidance* of* mind* and* science,* make* society* resilient* against* Natural* Disasters.* We* fully* believe* that* our* 74th* Congress* will* be* successful* with* oral* or* poster* presentations* by* our* colleagues* in* a* manner* befitting* the* earth* sciences* community* and* will* once* again* demonstrate* our* colleagues’* ability* to* solve* the* problems* faced* by* society.*

We* would* like* to* express* that* we* will* be* happy* to* organize* special* sessions,* exhibitions,* panels,* field* trips,* or* social* events* within* the* Congress* by* geoscientists.* We* invite* everyone* who* thinks* that* mind* and* science* should* take* the* place* they* deserve* in* every* aspect* of* social* life,* to* the* 74th* Geology* Congress* of* Türkiye...

On* behalf* of* the* Organizing* Committee

Prof.* Dr.* Gürol* Seyitoğlu


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