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73. Geological Congress Of Türkiye

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Invitation for the 73rd Geological Congress Of Turkey

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is my pleasure to invite you to the upcoming 73rd Geological Congress of Turkey (TJK) in Ankara at General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration Cultural Center (May 24th to 28th, 2021). The TJK (acronym for the meeting) is known to be one of the most reputable and leading scientific meetings/organizations in the nation, which aims to gather researchers from all branches of geosciences.

The theme of the Congress for this year is “Geology and Geopolitics”. Geopolitics is defined as a discipline based on understanding, explaining, and predicting the future of the political behaviors of states within their borders and in the international arena through variables within their geographical and natural characteristics. Therefore, geology and geopolitics, which constitute an inseparable synergy concept, is the most important base for determining the foreign policy within the framework of the geography of the states and its natural resources (oil, natural gas, metallic mines, rare earth elements, water, environment, renewable energy, etc.). Factors that play a decisive role in shaping Turkey’s foreign policy are (a) its location at the intersection of Europe, Asia, Middle East, and Africa continents, (b) surrounded by seas on three sides, (c) harboring the Bosphorus, (d) proximity to the Black Sea-Mediterranean and Caspian Sea basins, (e) natural gas and oil discoveries made in recent years near the borders of exclusive economic areas in the Eastern Mediterranean region, (f) having large reserves of borate minerals, and (g) acting as a bridge between the world’s largest energy producers and consumers.

Issues involved in “Geology and Geopolitics” concepts will be discussed in detail during the 73rd Geological Congress of Turkey. With the panels to be held during the congress, a wide discussion base will be established with various experts on the subject to emphasize the role and importance of geosciences in overcoming the geopolitical problems of our country and in developing new policies.

This year, we keep our traditional and common topics in geosciences (General Geology, Mineralogy-Petrography, Mineral Deposits and Geochemistry, Applied Geology). Besides this, the sessions held at the Seventy-first Congress under the name of “Geoscientists of the Future” for students as well as “Veteran Earth Scientists” will continue this year. The “75th Anniversary Special Thanksgiving Session”, organized to honor our colleagues who have made significant contributions to geological science and engineering in our country, will also continue this year.

As the Organizing Committee; we warmly invite all scientists who are directly or indirectly interested in geological sciences and especially “Geology and Geopolitics” to our Congress. Please note that; the success of our congress (73. TJK) will be possible with the contribution of our colleagues by presenting oral or poster presentations. Furthermore, we will appreciate and welcome any attempts for special session organizations, exhibitions, or plenary discussions. Again, you are cordially invited to this exciting geoscience meeting for the 73rd time. Hope to see you in Ankara.