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75. Geological Congress Of Türkiye

75th Turkish Geological Congress


“The Role of Geological Resources in Development”


MTA General Directorate Cultural Center / 10–14 April 2023 / Ankara


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The seventy-fifth Geological Congress of Türkiye, which is the most respected and leading scientific organization in our country`s earth sciences since 1947, will be held at the Cultural Center of the MTA General Directorate between 10–14 April 2023.

In today’s World, continuous and faster Global population growth and changes in sectoral and technology developments boosts the use of natural resources since consumption and production relieson the input of raw materials. The long-term pattern of over consumption appears to exceed the sustainable capacity of the system. Sustainable natural resources managementis therefore of vital importance for extension sustainable economic development.

The conflicts in our close geography as in thecase of Russia-Ukraine since the beginning of 2022 have resulted in a dizzying pace of increase in demand for geological resources, such as oil, gas, coal, geothermal, metallic or*industrial raw materials and, stimulated in economic crisis and instabilities in different parts of the world, in particularin the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The main theme of our congress this year is determined as ‘The Role of Geological Resources in*Sustainable Development’ in order to discuss and elaborate the main causes of these phenomena. It has always been strategically important for countries and societies to have geological resources and*assets through out the historical times and this is increasingly the case for today’s world. Resource-rich countries in natural raw materials are now considered as socially and economically developed countries,*particularly when these resources are used for the benefit of society.

Inour 75th Geological Congress of Türkiye, our primary goal is todiscuss the effect of resource sharing wars of imperialist countries on ourcountry, and to explain properly and effectively the role and importance of*geological engineers, who are involved in the exploration, research, discovery,*mining and management of geological resources and assets, in the country`s development to the decision makers and*the society.

As we will be celebrating*the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic founded by Atatürk and his companions, andthe 75th anniversary*of Geological Congress of Türkiye, it gives even greater meaning to the*Kurultai, which is held every year under the guidance of wisdom, intellect and science.

We firmly believe that with the work presented by our colleagues, our 75thCongress will be successful in a manner befitting the earth sciences community*and will once again demonstrate its ability to solve the problems faced by the*society. We also believe that the 75th Kurultai will be successful*with your participation & oral and/or poster presentations in a manner*befitting the earth sciences community and will once again demonstrate our*colleagues’ ability to solve the problems faced by society. 

We would like to express our pleasure again for your kind participation in the scientific sessions, exhibitions, panels, technical trips or social*events to be organized within the frame of Kurultai. We invite everyone to the 75th Geological*Congress of Türkiye, who thinks that wisdom, intellect and science should take a part in every*aspect of our (social) life...


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