Jeoloji Mühendisleri Odası

Participation Conditions

Presentation Modes


Oral Mode

The normallength of an oral presentation is 15 minutes, including minutes fordiscussion.

DataShow will be available in all lecture rooms. The speakers’ information(including the possibility of ZOOM presentation) will be available at meeting’sweb-site at least 8 weeks prior to the meeting at the very latest.

Poster Mode

For each poster, free standing display boards which provide display space approximately 120 cm high and 90 cm wide, will be allocated. A prize for the best poster will be awarded by the Programme Committee at the end of the Kurultai and the following criteria are used to evaluate the posters and choose a winner: visual impact, clarity and scholarly contribution. The award will be presented to the recipient at closing ceremony.

 Authors are encouraged to submit poster papers, since poster sessions minimize clashes caused by the many parallel sessions and since there is more time reserved for the presentation and for the viewing of poster papers than for oral ones.

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

·         Place the name and logo (from of the Congress in the upper left corner of the poster.

·         Place the title of your paper prominently at the top of the poster board to allow viewers to identify your paper easily.

·         Use different font sizes and styles, perhaps even colour for the text.

  • Use bullets, numbering, and headlines make it easy to read.
  • Word count should not be more than 800 words.
  • Include sections on ‘Introduction’, ‘Methods’, ‘Results’, ‘Conclusion and Discussion’, such that a scientific message to be delivered.
  • Include acknowledgments and references.

·         Organize the paper on the posterboard so that it is consistent, clear, orderly, and self explanatory.

·         The presentation must cover the same material as the abstract.


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